A Certain Scientific Accelerator Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

# Title Type Airdate
1 Accelerator (Academy City’s Mightiest Esper) Filler 2019-07-12
2 Necromancer (Raiser of the Dead) Manga Canon 2019-07-19
3 Numbers (Charms of the Four Perils) Manga Canon 2019-07-26
4 Third Number (The Pseudo-Soul, Huotou) Manga Canon 2019-08-02
5 DA (Security Officer Darkness) Manga Canon 2019-08-09
6 Scavenger (Corpse-Eating Squad) Manga Canon 2019-08-16
7 Download (Time Limit) Manga Canon 2019-08-23
8 Friend (Hirumi) Manga Canon 2019-08-30
9 Memory of Death (10031 Deaths) Manga Canon 2019-09-06
10 Catastrophe (Awakening) Manga Canon 2019-09-13
11 Perfect Golem (Perfect Body) Manga Canon 2019-09-20
12 Something to Protect Manga Canon 2019-09-27

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