Berserk (2016) Filler List

Berserk (2016) Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1The DragonslayerMixed Canon/Filler2016-07-01
2The Holy Iron Chain KnightsManga Canon2016-07-08
3Night of MiraclesMixed Canon/Filler2016-07-15
4EpiphanyManga Canon2016-07-22
5The Tower of ConvictionManga Canon2016-07-29
6A Nighttime Feast: Burning at the StakeManga Canon2016-08-05
7The Black WitchManga Canon2016-08-12
8Reunion in the Den of EvilManga Canon2016-08-19
9Blood Flow of the DeadManga Canon2016-08-26
10Hell’s AngelsManga Canon2016-09-02
11Shadows of IdeasManga Canon2016-09-09
12Those Who Cling, Those Who StruggleManga Canon2016-09-16
13The Rent WorldManga Canon2017-04-07
14Winter JourneyManga Canon2017-04-07
15Banner of the Flying SwordManga Canon2017-04-14
16Forest of Demonic BeastsManga Canon2017-04-21
17Spirit RealmManga Canon2017-04-28
18Fight for Survival Against the Demonic LegionManga Canon2017-05-05
19The Arcana of InvocationManga Canon2017-05-12
20The Corruption of QliphothManga Canon2017-05-19
21The Berserker ArmorManga Canon2017-05-26
22A Journey Begins in FlamesManga Canon2017-06-09
23Proclaimed OmensManga Canon2017-06-16
24City of HumansManga Canon2017-06-23

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