Black Lagoon Filler List

Black Lagoon Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1The Black LagoonManga Canon2006-04-08
2Mangrove HeavenManga Canon2006-04-15
3Ring-Ding Ship ChaseManga Canon2006-04-22
4Die Rückkehr des AdlersManga Canon2006-04-29
5Eagle Hunting and Hunting EaglesManga Canon2006-05-06
6Moonlit Hunting GroundsManga Canon2006-05-13
7Calm Down, Two MenManga Canon2006-05-20
8Rasta BlastaManga Canon2006-05-27
9Maid to KillManga Canon2006-06-03
10The Unstoppable ChambermaidManga Canon2006-06-10
11Lock’n Load RevolutionManga Canon2006-06-17
12Guerrillas in the JungleManga Canon2006-06-24
13The Vampire Twins ComenManga Canon2006-10-02
14Bloodsport FairytaleManga Canon2006-10-09
15Swan Song at DawnManga Canon2006-10-16
16Greenback JaneManga Canon2006-10-23
17The Roanapur Freakshow CircusManga Canon2006-10-30
18Mr. Benny’s Good FortuneManga Canon2006-11-06
19Fujiyama Gangsta ParadiseManga Canon2006-11-13
20The SuccessionManga Canon2006-11-20
21Two Father’s Little Soldier GirlsManga Canon2006-11-27
22The Dark TowerManga Canon2006-12-04
23Snow White’s PaybackManga Canon2006-12-11
24The GunslingersManga Canon2006-12-18
25Collateral MassacreManga Canon2010-07-17
26An Office Man’s TacticsManga Canon2010-09-30
27Angels in the CrosshairsManga Canon2011-01-07
28Oversaturation Kill BoxManga Canon2011-03-11
29Codename Paradise, Status MIAManga Canon2011-06-22

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