Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Bo-nafide Soulful Bo-tector of Hair Manga Canon 2003-11-08
2 Let’s Get Wiggy With It Manga Canon 2003-11-15
3 Wacky Quacker Cooks His Own Goose Manga Canon 2003-11-22
4 Bababa-ba Ba-baba! The Honorable King Nosehair Manga Canon 2003-11-29
5 To Be or Snot to Be Manga Canon 2003-12-06
6 Pasta…the Perfect Food! Manga Canon 2003-12-13
7 Queen Chicken Level and the Video Store of Dumb Manga Canon 2003-12-20
8 We All Scream for Ice Cream! Manga Canon 2004-01-10
9 Gasser Up! I’m Ready to Drive! Manga Canon 2004-01-17
10 Protect the Environment…Something Stinks in Here! Manga Canon 2004-01-24
11 A Bird in the Hand Can Play Chicken But Still Smell Fowl! Manga Canon 2004-01-31
12 The Weally Wobbly World of Bo-bobo’s Foe: General Jelly Jiggler! Manga Canon 2004-02-07
13 Bo-bobo’s Rappin’ Roller Coaster Ride Manga Canon 2004-02-07
14 Haunted HollowBo-bobo Manga Canon 2004-02-21
15 General Jelly Jiggler: Supreme Hair Enemy or Dastardly Dessert? Manga Canon 2004-02-28
16 Snot in My Neighborhood! Manga Canon 2004-03-04
17 The Ducktail Versus Afro Showdown Manga Canon 2004-03-20
18 Beauty is in the Eye of her Holder Manga Canon 2004-04-03
19 The Entangled Nose Hair of Destiny: Who Will Pass the Test? Manga Canon 2004-04-03
20 World of Blabs-a-Lot: The Sappiest Place on Earth Manga Canon 2004-05-01
21 Good-bye Bo-bobo! The Final Showdown? Manga Canon 2004-05-08
22 Hatenko the Hunk Has the Key to Your Heart Manga Canon 2004-05-28
23 Weddings, Wiggins and Water Torture Manga Canon 2004-05-29
24 The Terrifying Z-Block Is Here! Manga Canon 2004-06-12
25 The New Bo-bobo with the Old Bo-bobody Manga Canon 2004-06-12
26 Dengaku Man, Pixie or Pit Bull–He’ll Love You or Hate You! Manga Canon 2004-06-19
27 Luck Let a Wiggin See…How Nice a Hanky Can Be! Manga Canon 2004-07-10
28 Mortal Match! Fist of Nose Hair vs. Fist of Rice! Manga Canon 2004-07-17
29 Instant Rice – Ready in Half an Hour? Manga Canon 2004-07-24
30 Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce Manga Canon 2004-08-07
31 The Ultimate Five Assassins vs. Bo-bobo All-Stars! Manga Canon 2004-09-04
32 Enter BoboPatchiggler! Is That How It’s Spelled? Manga Canon 2004-09-04
33 It Ain’t OVER ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings Manga Canon 2004-10-30
34 Torpedo Girl: Man or Myth? Or Mythes? Manga Canon 2004-11-06
35 King Nose Hair Presents: “The Follicle Follies of the Future” Manga Canon 2004-11-13
36 Next Stop…Holy Guacamole Land! Manga Canon 2004-11-20
37 Holy Guacamole Land Isn’t Just For Breakfast Anymore Manga Canon 2004-11-27
38 Money Castle! Cash Only Please. Credit Cards Not Accepted Manga Canon 2004-12-04
39 The Terrible Triplets Versus the Wiggin’ Trio! Manga Canon 2004-12-11
40 The Fall of Halekulani! And the Winter of Discontent! Manga Canon 2005-01-08
41 The Magical Battle Against Halekulani! Manga Canon 2005-01-15
42 Bo-bobo Braves the Board Game that’s Berry, Berry Bothersome Manga Canon 2005-01-22
43 Ha-le Oo-pu Ah-ah! Manga Canon 2005-01-29
44 The Seriously Circular Skirmish in Cyber City Manga Canon 2005-02-06
45 Begin the Bungie Battle! Last One Down is a Rotten Egg! Manga Canon 2005-02-13
46 Libraries and Driving Tests! Manga Canon 2005-02-20
47 A Battle of Skills and Wills with One Green Onion. Or Is It Garlic? Manga Canon 2005-02-27
48 Silly Singing Saves the Show from a Sinister Scoundrel Manga Canon 2005-03-06
49 The Battle of Brains Begins! Manga Canon 2005-03-13
50 Giga Goes Gaga! Alarming Attacks with Impressive Art Manga Canon 2005-03-20
51 The Art of Art and the Fist of All Fists! Manga Canon 2005-03-27
52 Gasser’s Back! A Whole New Season, Same Old Stench! Manga Canon 2005-04-09
53 A Rose by Any Other Name Would Be Called Something Else! Manga Canon 2005-04-16
54 The War of the Roses…or Lilacs…or Daffodils Manga Canon 2005-04-23
55 The Gang’s All Here! And Boy, Are They Weird! Manga Canon 2005-04-30
56 All Aboard! The Nightmare Tour is About to Begin! Manga Canon 2005-05-07
57 Our Torpedo Hero Fights a Commando Like a Tornado! Manga Canon 2005-05-14
58 Face the Cold Hard Facts! It’s Freezing in Here! Manga Canon 2005-05-21
59 Enemy Crusin’ for a Brusin? Then Just Try Fusion Manga Canon 2005-05-28
60 Blowing Your Savings on Bubbles, Is It Worth It? Manga Canon 2005-06-04
61 United We Stand, Divided We Also Stand, Just Further Apart! Manga Canon 2005-06-11
62 Good Night! Sleep Tight! And Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bug Ya! Manga Canon 2005-06-18
63 Our Dream Team Turns Bad Dreams to Bad Guys’ Screams! Manga Canon 2005-06-25
64 Geometry 101: Painful, Perplexing and Pungent Polygons Manga Canon 2005-07-02
65 The Unreal Meal That’s a Major Ordeal For Real Manga Canon 2005-07-09
66 The Fishcake Frenzy: Freeze Dried, French Fried, Freaked Out Fracas Manga Canon 2005-07-16
67 The Pacifist That Packs a Punch Like a Pugilist Manga Canon 2005-07-30
68 The Battle of Baldy Bald: Buckle Up and Brace Yourself Manga Canon 2005-08-06
69 Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! Bo-bobo’s in My Tummy! Manga Canon 2005-08-20
70 Baldy Bald Bottoms Out! Best of Luck, Be Well and Bye-Bye! Manga Canon 2005-08-27
71 Funneled into a Tunnel and Bamboozled By Noodles Manga Canon 2005-09-17
72 Swiftly Run! Bo-bobo TV Channel! It’s Here~The Meanacing Ratings!! Manga Canon 2005-09-24
73 Take a Stance Against the Dance, Mr. Smarty Pants! Manga Canon 2005-10-01
74 The Bigger the Gasser — The Smellier the Gas! Manga Canon 2005-10-08
75 Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! Except the Final One! Manga Canon 2005-10-22
76 Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! This Time We Mean It! Manga Canon 2005-10-29

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