Can You Have Swords in New Zealand?

Do you love playing and training with swords and katanas? Do you live in New Zealand and looking for a sword for sale in New Zealand? Do you think that you can’t get the best blades there? Do you want to know about the legal issues regarding swords in New Zealand? Well! You must understand that every country has different policies, and being a good citizen and avoiding any risk, and you must abide by the policy or rules of that country.

So, without further discussions, let’s talk deeply about swords in New Zealand!

The policy of New Zealand Regarding Weapons Prohibition

There is a long list of weapons that you cannot bring to New Zealand. The first thing is Bayonets, and you can’t get them in New Zealand. Then Knuckledusters and knives incorporating knuckledusters are not allowed to bring in New Zealand according to the prohibition policy of New Zealand. Then, there is a thing called swordsticks, and they are also not permitted to bring in New Zealand. 

  • A lot of weapons got prohibited from bringing in New Zealand.
  • These things include Bayonets, Knuckledusters, and Swordsticks.
  • Even knives incorporating knuckledusters are not allowed.
  • Any weapon disguised to look like something else is also prohibited.

Other Prohibited Weapons

If you have any knife that opens up immediately by your hand pressure on the button or spring, bringing in New Zealand is also not allowed. This type of knife or gun is also known as a flick knife or flick gun. You also can’t bring any knife or weapon that gets opened up with gravitational force or centrifugal force is also not allowed to carry.

  • Flick knife or flick gun is also not allowed.
  • Any knife that gets opened up with gravitational force is not allowed.
  • You have to abide by the rules if you are a responsible citizen.
  • Otherwise, it will cause problems for you.

Some Rules Regarding Weapons in New Zealand

You cannot carry your sword in your bag, but you can bring some swords in your checked-in luggage. But you can’t keep your blade without the permission of the airline authorities. You have to inform them that you want to carry your sword in your checked-in luggage, and if they allow it, you can keep it there.

  • If you want to travel, you can keep your sword in your luggage.
  • But you have to inform the airline authorities before keeping your sword.
  • If they are not allowing it, then you can’t.

Reasons Behind Prohibition

There are many reasons behind the prohibition of a weapon or sword. One of the primary reasons is the law. And the law is made by the state. So, you have to follow the law of the state. And the reason behind the law is your protection. Some weapons are harmful, and they can take lives; that’s why they got prohibited—and sometimes showcasing weapons spread terror in society that’s why they got banned.

  • Some weapons got prohibited because they were dangerous.
  • These weapons can harm people if allowed publicly.
  • Sometimes showcasing weapons creates a stressful environment full of terror.
  • That’s why they got banned.

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