DURARARA!! Filler List

DURARARA!! Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1Exit 1/First Words (Opening)Manga Canon2010-01-08
2Highly UnpredictableManga Canon2010-01-15
3Rampant EvilManga Canon2010-01-22
4Utterly AloneManga Canon2010-01-29
5False AdvertisingManga Canon2010-02-05
6Active InterestManga Canon2010-02-12
7Bad-Bartender DudeManga Canon2010-02-19
8Ephemeral DreamManga Canon2010-02-26
9Love and CherishManga Canon2010-03-05
10Never Before SeenManga Canon2010-03-12
11Storm and StressManga Canon2010-03-19
12Yin and YangManga Canon2010-03-26
13Takes A Sudden TurnManga Canon2010-04-09
14Turmoil ReignsManga Canon2010-04-16
15Dumb Like a FoxManga Canon2010-04-23
16Mutual LoveManga Canon2010-04-30
17Everything ChangesManga Canon2010-05-07
18Out of Your ControlManga Canon2010-05-17
19AnarchyManga Canon2010-05-21
20A New King Will AriseManga Canon2010-05-20
21Everything Covered in FogManga Canon2010-06-04
22Declaration of DisbandmentManga Canon2010-06-11
23Complicated and ConfusedManga Canon2010-06-18
24Selfless DevotionManga Canon2010-06-25
25World at Peace (All’s Right With The World)Anime Canon2011-02-23
26A Picture Is Worth a Thousand WordsManga Canon2015-01-10
27Harmony Is the Greatest of VirtuesManga Canon2015-01-17
28Adding Insult to InjuryManga Canon2015-01-24
29When in Rome, Do as the Romans DoManga Canon2015-01-31
30No One Knows what the Future HoldsManga Canon2015-02-07
31A Crow in the Dark NightManga Canon2015-02-14
32Moscow Does Not Believe In TearsManga Canon2015-02-21
33The Ladies’ Man Has Neither Money Nor PowerManga Canon2015-02-28
34The Night is Falling, and the Way is LongManga Canon2015-03-07
35Like Father, Like SonManga Canon2015-03-14
36No Use Crying Over Spilt MilkManga Canon2015-03-21
37Love Thy EnemyManga Canon2015-07-04
38Adversity Makes a Man StrongManga Canon2015-03-28
39Life is but a DreamManga Canon2015-07-11
40Marriges are made in HeavenManga Canon2015-07-18
41A Rumor only lasts Seventy-Five DaysManga Canon2015-07-25
42Asleep or AwakeManga Canon2015-08-01
43Roses Have ThornsManga Canon2015-08-08
44A Cat Has Nine LivesManga Canon2015-08-15
45Mouth Of Honey, A Needle In The HeartManga Canon2015-08-22
46Eloquent and CompetentManga Canon2015-08-29
47Blessed are the FoolishManga Canon2015-09-12
48Birds of a FeatherManga Canon2015-09-19
49It Takes a Thief to Catch a ThiefManga Canon2015-09-26
50Even a Chance Acquaintance is Decreed by DestinyManga Canon2016-01-09
51Bell the CatManga Canon2016-01-16
52All in the Same BoatManga Canon2016-01-23
53Blood is Thicker Than WaterManga Canon2016-01-30
54Lost in the DarkManga Canon2016-02-06
55In For a Penny, In For a PoundManga Canon2016-02-13
56No Love LostManga Canon2016-02-20
57A Tiger Dies and Leaves His SkinManga Canon2016-02-27
58Walking on Thin IceManga Canon2016-03-05
59TelepathyManga Canon2016-03-12
60Life is an Unknown CourseManga Canon2016-03-19
61Those Who Meet Must PartManga Canon2016-03-26

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