Fist of the Blue Sky Filler List

Fist of the Blue Sky Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1Wanted – the King of DeathManga Canon2006-10-04
2The Code of DutyManga Canon2006-10-11
3The Successor to HokutoManga Canon2006-10-18
4Wish Upon the Blue Sky!Manga Canon2006-10-25
5In ShanghaiManga Canon2006-11-01
6The Execution GameManga Canon2006-11-08
7The BattleManga Canon2006-11-15
8Pray to the God of HellManga Canon2006-11-22
9A Destiny Steeped in BloodManga Canon2006-11-29
10Battle of the Hokuto MastersManga Canon2006-12-06
11Ask the DragonManga Canon2006-12-13
12Signal of ResurrectionManga Canon2006-12-20
13At The End of MadnessManga Canon2007-01-10
14Journey of FateManga Canon2007-01-10
15The Beautiful Horse BanditManga Canon2007-01-17
16Seeking RefugeManga Canon
17Death Sentence! The Fallen PalmManga Canon
18The Aura of Hokuto SōkakenManga Canon
19An Undaunted Offering of FlowersManga Canon2007-01-31
20A Trick of FateManga Canon2007-02-07
21A Burning ConfrontationManga Canon
22The Secret Technique of Zhāng Tài-YánManga Canon2007-02-14
23The Unforgettable PainManga Canon2007-02-21
24A Deep Strong MemoryManga Canon2007-02-28
25A Banquet and a GunshotManga Canon2007-03-07
26To a Better TomorrowManga Canon2007-03-14

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