Food Wars! Filler List

Food Wars! Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1An Endless WildernessManga Canon2015-04-03
2God’s TongueManga Canon2015-04-10
3That Chef That Doesn’t SmileManga Canon2015-04-17
4Maria of the Polar StarManga Canon2015-04-24
5The Ice Queen and the Spring StormManga Canon2015-05-01
6The Meat InvaderManga Canon2015-05-08
7A Quiet Don, An Eloquent DonManga Canon2015-05-15
8Concerto of Ideas and CreationManga Canon2015-05-22
9The Coating that Colors the MountainManga Canon2015-05-29
10The Supreme RecetteManga Canon2015-06-05
11The Magician that Came from the EastManga Canon2015-06-12
12Memories of a DishManga Canon2015-06-19
13The Eggs Before DawnManga Canon2015-06-26
14MetamorphoseManga Canon2015-07-03
15The Man Who was Called an “Asura”Manga Canon2015-07-17
16The Cook Who Has Traveled Thousands of MilesManga Canon2015-07-24
17Sensual KaraageManga Canon2015-07-31
18The Karaage of YouthManga Canon2015-08-08
19The Chosen OnesManga Canon2015-08-14
20The Dragon Lies Down and Ascends the SkiesManga Canon2015-08-21
21The Unknown KnownManga Canon2015-08-28
22Those Beyond OrdinaryManga Canon2015-09-05
23A Recital of Blossoming IndividualsManga Canon2015-09-11
24The Warriors’ BanquetManga Canon2015-09-25
25That Which is Placed Within the BoxManga Canon2016-07-02
26Interplay of Light & ShadowManga Canon2016-07-09

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