GANTZ Filler List

GANTZ Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1It’s the Beginning of a Brand New DayMixed Canon/Filler2004-04-12
2They Aren’t HumanManga Canon2004-04-19
3Kei, You’re Awesome!Manga Canon2004-04-19
4OK, Here Are Your ScoresManga Canon2004-04-27
5Then That Means, at That Time…Manga Canon2004-05-04
6All Right!Manga Canon2004-05-11
7We’re After YouManga Canon2004-05-18
8Uh-oh!Manga Canon2004-05-25
9Kill It There!Manga Canon2004-06-01
10Yuuzou-kun?Manga Canon2004-06-08
11I Can’t Shoot HimManga Canon2004-06-08
12Please stay here, Katou-kunManga Canon2004-06-15
13Please Die…Manga Canon2004-06-22
14Goodbye…Manga Canon2004-08-26
15Go Fast!Manga Canon2004-09-02
16It’s Me!Manga Canon2004-09-09
17Is It OK to Shoot Them?Mixed Canon/Filler2004-09-16
18Welcome BackManga Canon2004-09-23
19What the Hell is This?Manga Canon2004-09-30
20Shoot Me!Manga Canon2004-10-07
21Brother?Manga Canon2004-10-14
22Don’t Ever Say That Again!Filler2004-10-22
23Kurono AlienFiller2004-10-28
24There’s No Labyrinth I Can’t Get Out Of!!Filler2004-11-04
25Let’s Go Back AliveFiller2004-11-10
26Please Live!Filler2004-11-18

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