Hayate the Combat Butler Filler List

Hayate the Combat Butler Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

# Title Type Airdate
1 In English, “Unmei” Means “Destiny” Manga Canon 2007-04-01
2 A New Beginning with Nagi Sanzenin’s Estate Manga Canon 2007-04-08
3 The Beast, the Robot, and the Butler that Shouted, or Maybe Didn’t Shout, Love at the Heart of the World Manga Canon 2007-04-15
4 My First Errand ~ This is Snake, No Response Manga Canon 2007-04-22
17 For You, I Will Mow Them Down with Every Ounce of My Being! Manga Canon 2007-07-22
18 The Rare Cards are Swimsuits Filler 2007-07-29
19 Miss Saki’s Little Preoccupation Filler 2007-08-05
20 I like Books, but Sing It, Great Palace of the Dragon King Manga Canon 2007-08-12
26 The Delivery was Made in 29 Minutes, So Please Pay the Stipulated Fee… Is a Thing of the Distant Past Filler 2007-09-23
27 Hayate Rising Filler 2007-09-30
28 Black Hayate Filler 2007-10-07
29 Match-Making Meeting Mixed Canon/Filler 2007-10-14
30 The Beautiful, Rich, Great, Young Detective Lady Saw It! The Case of the Murdered Female Teacher Amidst Clouds of Steam Filler 2007-10-21
31 Do You Like Pretty, Rich Big Sisters? Filler 2007-10-28
32 Devil Hunter Welcome Yoko Isumi and Nabeshin Mixed Canon/Filler 2007-11-04
33 Why?! Academy Culture Fest ~ Part One Filler 2007-11-11
34 Why Dead?! Academy Culture Fest ~ Part Two Filler 2007-11-18
35 Must-See! Complete Autumn 2007 guide of the Latest Fashionable Date Spots for the Young an Hip Filler 2007-11-25
36 Klaus is Japanese Because His Name is Written “Kurausu” Filler 2007-12-02
37 I Want to Go Back to Being an Ordinary Girl, but Buy My Character Songs, Okay? Filler 2007-12-09
38 Hayate in Peril! All Functions Shut Down!! Filler 2007-12-16
39 Hurray for the Butler-in-Debt, Friend to Good Children! Filler 2007-12-23
40 New Year’s Food is Good, but Have Some Hayate, Too Manga Canon 2008-01-06
41 Despairing Goodbye to the Teacher Filler 2008-01-13
42 Like a Dog, a Mouse, and a Bulldog Manga Canon 2008-01-20
45 It is Maria Appreciation Day! In February Filler 2008-02-10
46 His Name is Magic Ball Pitcher Wataru!!! Filler 2008-02-17
47 Sure, Amuro May Have Had a Place to Return To, But… Manga Canon 2008-02-24
48 Hina Love Filler 2008-03-02
49 Ordinary Stories Manga Canon 2008-03-09
50 Quiz! Written as “Foe” and Read as “Friend”!! Filler 2008-03-16
51 Spring Filler 2008-03-23
52 Radical Dreamers Manga Canon 2008-03-30
77 It’s Really a Story About a Young Lady & Her Butler Filler 2009-09-18
101 I Will Love and Be Loved in My Life Manga Canon 2013-07-01