Kuroko’s Basketball Filler List

Kuroko’s Basketball Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1I Am KurokoManga Canon2012-04-07
2I Am SeriousManga Canon2012-04-14
3It’s Better if I Can’t WinManga Canon2012-04-21
4Take Care of the Counter Attack!Manga Canon2012-04-28
5Your BasketballManga Canon2012-05-05
6Let Me Tell You Two ThingsManga Canon2012-05-12
7You’ll See Something AmazingManga Canon2012-05-19
8Now That I Think About ItManga Canon2012-05-26
9To WinManga Canon2012-06-02
10I Can’t Have ThatManga Canon2012-06-09
11It’s Not Like ThatManga Canon2012-06-16
12What’s‘Victory’?Manga Canon2012-06-23
13I Believed in YouManga Canon2012-06-30
14You Look Just Like HimManga Canon2012-07-07
15Don’t Make Me LaughManga Canon2012-07-14
16Let’s GoManga Canon2012-07-21
17You’re All RidiculousManga Canon2012-07-28
18No!!Manga Canon2012-08-04
19On to a New ChallengeManga Canon2012-08-11
20I Don’t Want to BeManga Canon2012-08-18
21Let’s Get StartedManga Canon2012-08-25
22I’ll Win Even if it Kills MeManga Canon2012-09-01
23I’m Not Mature!Manga Canon2012-09-08
24Don’t Get the Wrong IdeaManga Canon2012-09-15
25Our BasketballManga Canon2012-09-22
26I Never Thought We’d Meet HereManga Canon2013-10-05
27At The Winter CupManga Canon2013-10-12
28Start!!!Manga Canon2013-10-19
29There is Only One AnswerManga Canon2013-10-26
30I’ve Been Waiting for ThisManga Canon2013-11-02
31I Surpassed It Long AgoManga Canon2013-11-09
32Give UpManga Canon2013-11-16
33We’re the Seirin High School Basketball Team!Manga Canon2013-11-23
34I Will Defeat You!!Manga Canon2013-11-30
35It’s TrustManga Canon2013-12-07
36Don’t Be RidiculousManga Canon2013-12-14
37I Look Forward To ItManga Canon2013-12-21
38Definitely This TimeManga Canon2014-01-04
39Useless EffortManga Canon2014-01-11
40He’s Beside Himself With JoyManga Canon2014-01-18
41Win NowManga Canon2014-01-25
42I Believe in HimManga Canon2014-02-02
43Like I’d LoseManga Canon2014-02-08
44Please Teach MeManga Canon2014-02-15
45Of Course It’s Not EasyManga Canon2014-02-22
46First Score!!Manga Canon2014-03-01
47No QuestionManga Canon2014-03-08
48I Don’t Want to Lose!Manga Canon2014-03-15
49EnoughManga Canon2014-03-22
50Win!Manga Canon2014-03-29
51I’m Just Going at Full StrengthManga Canon2015-01-10
52This Is MineManga Canon2015-01-17
53Don’t You Get In My WayManga Canon2015-01-24
54I’ll Take This For NowManga Canon2015-01-31
55I Know None of ThatManga Canon2015-02-07
56I Will Offer ThemManga Canon2015-02-14
57It Makes Me LaughManga Canon2015-02-21
58True LightManga Canon2015-02-28
59Don’t Belittle Us!!Manga Canon2015-03-07
60In Order to WinManga Canon2015-03-14
61This Time, For SureManga Canon2015-03-21
62He Is The Best PlayerManga Canon2015-03-28
63A Day With Blue SkiesManga Canon2015-04-04
64…SorryManga Canon2015-04-11
65We’re No LongerManga Canon2015-04-18
66What is Victory?Manga Canon2015-04-25
67Final Tip-Off!Manga Canon2015-05-02
68Isn’t It The Best?Manga Canon2015-05-09
69A Miracle Will Not HappenManga Canon2015-05-16
70Weight Of ResolveManga Canon2015-05-23
71In My Own Way, I’m DesperateManga Canon2015-05-30
72A WarningManga Canon2015-06-06
73Why Don’t You Give Up?Manga Canon2015-06-13
74So It Was YouManga Canon2015-06-20
75Many Times OverManga Canon2015-06-30

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