Magic Knight Rayearth Filler List

Magic Knight Rayearth Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights! Manga Canon 1994-10-17
2 Presea, the Master Smith in the Forest of Silence Mixed Canon/Filler 1994-10-24
3 Ferio, the Handsome, Mysterious Swordsman Mixed Canon/Filler 1994-10-31
4 Alcyone, the Vengeful Sorceress Manga Canon 1994-11-07
5 Escudo, the Legendary Ore Manga Canon 1994-11-14
6 Lives at Stake, Presea’s Weapons Mixed Canon/Filler 1994-11-21
7 Ferio in Desperation – A Romance in the Desert Filler 1994-11-28
8 The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot Filler 1994-12-05
9 The Magic Knights’ Greatest Crisis Filler 1994-12-12
10 Revival of Selece, the Legendary Rune-God Manga Canon 1995-01-09
11 The Legend of the Rune-Gods – In Cephiro, Another World Filler 1995-01-16
12 The Fearsome Illusionist Caldina Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-01-23
13 The Most Valuable Thing in this World Manga Canon 1995-01-30
14 Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu’s Unyielding Wish Filler 1995-02-06
15 The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-02-13
16 A Powerful Foe! Lafarga the Swordmaster Manga Canon 1995-02-20
17 The Truth About Inouva, and the Return of Memories Filler 1995-02-27
18 The Last Rune-God: Rayearth, the Lord of Fire Manga Canon 1995-03-06
19 Showdown! The Magic Knights Versus Zagato Manga Canon 1995-03-13
20 The Unbelievable Truth About the Legendary Magic Knights Manga Canon 1995-03-13
21 A Departure and New Ties Manga Canon 1995-04-10
22 Cephiro and the Three Countries Manga Canon 1995-04-17
23 Autozam’s Invasion and Lantis Manga Canon 1995-04-24
24 Magic Knights and the Battleship NSX Filler 1995-05-01
25 Hikaru and Nova in the Dream Filler 1995-05-08
26 The Magic Knights and Aska of Fahren Manga Canon 1995-05-22
27 The Secret of the Pillar of Cephiro Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-06-05
28 Hikaru and Lantis’s Dangerous Journey Filler 1995-06-12
29 Eagle and a Captive Hikaru Filler 1995-06-19
30 Nova and Regalia, Rune-God of the Devil Filler 1995-06-26
31 Chizeta’s Mobile Fortress and a Powerless Hikaru Filler 1995-07-03
32 Umi and Fuu and Fahren and Chizeta Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-07-10
33 Hikaru’s Wish and Presea’s Secret Filler 1995-07-17
34 Hikaru and Friendships Torn Apart Filler 1995-07-24
35 Umi and the Ambition of Tetra and Tatra Filler 1995-07-31
36 Fuu Versus Aska! The Life and Death Archery Match Filler 1995-08-07
37 Revive! Hikaru’s Sword Filler 1995-08-15
38 Eagle’s All-Out Attack on Cephiro Castle Manga Canon 1995-08-22
39 Chaotic War at Cephiro Castle! Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-08-29
40 The Magic Knights and the Calm After the Storm Manga Canon 1995-09-04
41 Nova’s Battle and the Monster’s Identity Filler 1995-09-11
42 Giant Sang Yung Versus the NSX! Manga Canon 1995-09-18
43 The Crown Room and the Pillar’s Memory Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-10-16
44 A Serious Match – Umi vs. Tarta and Tatra Manga Canon 1995-10-23
45 Desperate Situation: Crisis Upon Lantis Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-10-30
46 Hikaru in Shock: The Truth About Nova Filler 1995-11-06
47 The True Pillar is: Hikaru or Eagle!? Manga Canon 1995-11-13
48 An Endless Battle! Filler 1995-11-20
49 The Road to Victory: The Tomorrow that the Believing Heart Opens! Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-11-27