Magic Knight Rayearth Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights! Manga Canon 1994-10-17
2 Presea, the Master Smith in the Forest of Silence Mixed Canon/Filler 1994-10-24
3 Ferio, the Handsome, Mysterious Swordsman Mixed Canon/Filler 1994-10-31
4 Alcyone, the Vengeful Sorceress Manga Canon 1994-11-07
5 Escudo, the Legendary Ore Manga Canon 1994-11-14
6 Lives at Stake, Presea’s Weapons Mixed Canon/Filler 1994-11-21
7 Ferio in Desperation – A Romance in the Desert Filler 1994-11-28
8 The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot Filler 1994-12-05
9 The Magic Knights’ Greatest Crisis Filler 1994-12-12
10 Revival of Selece, the Legendary Rune-God Manga Canon 1995-01-09
11 The Legend of the Rune-Gods – In Cephiro, Another World Filler 1995-01-16
12 The Fearsome Illusionist Caldina Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-01-23
13 The Most Valuable Thing in this World Manga Canon 1995-01-30
14 Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu’s Unyielding Wish Filler 1995-02-06
15 The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-02-13
16 A Powerful Foe! Lafarga the Swordmaster Manga Canon 1995-02-20
17 The Truth About Inouva, and the Return of Memories Filler 1995-02-27
18 The Last Rune-God: Rayearth, the Lord of Fire Manga Canon 1995-03-06
19 Showdown! The Magic Knights Versus Zagato Manga Canon 1995-03-13
20 The Unbelievable Truth About the Legendary Magic Knights Manga Canon 1995-03-13
21 A Departure and New Ties Manga Canon 1995-04-10
22 Cephiro and the Three Countries Manga Canon 1995-04-17
23 Autozam’s Invasion and Lantis Manga Canon 1995-04-24
24 Magic Knights and the Battleship NSX Filler 1995-05-01
25 Hikaru and Nova in the Dream Filler 1995-05-08
26 The Magic Knights and Aska of Fahren Manga Canon 1995-05-22
27 The Secret of the Pillar of Cephiro Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-06-05
28 Hikaru and Lantis’s Dangerous Journey Filler 1995-06-12
29 Eagle and a Captive Hikaru Filler 1995-06-19
30 Nova and Regalia, Rune-God of the Devil Filler 1995-06-26
31 Chizeta’s Mobile Fortress and a Powerless Hikaru Filler 1995-07-03
32 Umi and Fuu and Fahren and Chizeta Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-07-10
33 Hikaru’s Wish and Presea’s Secret Filler 1995-07-17
34 Hikaru and Friendships Torn Apart Filler 1995-07-24
35 Umi and the Ambition of Tetra and Tatra Filler 1995-07-31
36 Fuu Versus Aska! The Life and Death Archery Match Filler 1995-08-07
37 Revive! Hikaru’s Sword Filler 1995-08-15
38 Eagle’s All-Out Attack on Cephiro Castle Manga Canon 1995-08-22
39 Chaotic War at Cephiro Castle! Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-08-29
40 The Magic Knights and the Calm After the Storm Manga Canon 1995-09-04
41 Nova’s Battle and the Monster’s Identity Filler 1995-09-11
42 Giant Sang Yung Versus the NSX! Manga Canon 1995-09-18
43 The Crown Room and the Pillar’s Memory Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-10-16
44 A Serious Match – Umi vs. Tarta and Tatra Manga Canon 1995-10-23
45 Desperate Situation: Crisis Upon Lantis Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-10-30
46 Hikaru in Shock: The Truth About Nova Filler 1995-11-06
47 The True Pillar is: Hikaru or Eagle!? Manga Canon 1995-11-13
48 An Endless Battle! Filler 1995-11-20
49 The Road to Victory: The Tomorrow that the Believing Heart Opens! Mixed Canon/Filler 1995-11-27

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