Monogatari Filler List

Monogatari Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1Hitagi Crab, Part OneManga Canon2009-07-03
2Hitagi Crab, Part TwoManga Canon2009-07-10
3Mayoi Snail, Part OneManga Canon2009-07-17
4Mayoi Snail, Part TwoManga Canon2009-07-24
5Mayoi Snail, Part ThreeManga Canon2009-07-31
6Suruga Monkey, Part OneManga Canon2009-08-08
7Suruga Monkey, Part TwoManga Canon2009-08-21
8Suruga Monkey, Part ThreeManga Canon2009-08-28
9Nadeko Snake, Part OneManga Canon2009-09-04
10Nadeko Snake, Part TwoManga Canon2009-09-11
11Tsubasa Cat, Part OneManga Canon2009-09-18
12Tsubasa Cat, Part TwoManga Canon2009-09-25
13Tsubasa Cat, Part ThreeManga Canon2009-11-03
14Tsubasa Cat, Part FourManga Canon2010-02-23
15Tsubasa Cat, Part FiveManga Canon2010-06-25
16Karen Bee, Part OneManga Canon2012-01-07
17Karen Bee, Part TwoManga Canon2012-01-14
18Karen Bee, Part ThreeManga Canon2012-01-20
19Karen Bee, Part FourManga Canon2012-01-27
20Karen Bee, Part FiveManga Canon2012-02-04
21Karen Bee, Part SixManga Canon2012-02-11
22Karen Bee, Part SevenManga Canon2012-02-18
23Tsukihi Phoenix, Part OneManga Canon2012-02-25
24Tsukihi Phoenix, Part TwoManga Canon2012-03-03
25Tsukihi Phoenix, Part ThreeManga Canon2012-03-10
26Tsukihi Phoenix, Part FourManga Canon2012-03-17
27Tsubasa Family, Part OneManga Canon2012-12-31
28Tsubasa Family, Part TwoManga Canon2012-12-31
29Tsubasa Family, Part ThreeManga Canon2012-12-31
30Tsubasa Family, Part FourManga Canon2012-12-31
31Tsubasa Tiger, Part OneManga Canon2013-07-06
32Tsubasa Tiger, Part TwoManga Canon2013-07-13
33Tsubasa Tiger, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-07-20
34Tsubasa Tiger, Part FourManga Canon2013-07-27
35Tsubasa Tiger, Part FiveManga Canon2013-08-03
36Mayoi Jiangshi, Part OneManga Canon2013-08-17
37Mayoi Jiangshi, Part TwoManga Canon2013-08-24
38Mayoi Jiangshi, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-08-31
39Mayoi Jiangshi, Part FourManga Canon2013-09-07
40Nadeko Medusa, Part OneManga Canon2013-09-21
41Nadeko Medusa, Part TwoManga Canon2013-09-28
42Nadeko Medusa, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-10-05
43Nadeko Medusa, Part FourManga Canon2013-10-12
44Shinobu Time, Part OneManga Canon2013-10-26
45Shinobu Time, Part TwoManga Canon2013-11-02
46Shinobu Time, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-11-09
47Shinobu Time, Part FourManga Canon2013-11-16
48Hitagi End, Part OneManga Canon2013-11-23
49Hitagi End, Part TwoManga Canon2013-11-30
50Hitagi End, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-12-07
51Hitagi End, Part FourManga Canon2013-12-14
52Hitagi End, Part FiveManga Canon2013-12-21
53Hitagi End, Part SixManga Canon2013-12-28
54Suruga Devil, Part OneManga Canon2014-08-16
55Suruga Devil, Part TwoManga Canon2014-08-16
56Suruga Devil, Part ThreeManga Canon2014-08-16
57Suruga Devil, Part FourManga Canon2014-08-16
58Suruga Devil, Part FiveManga Canon2014-08-16
59Yotsugi Doll, Part OneManga Canon2014-12-31
60Yotsugi Doll, Part TwoManga Canon2014-12-31
61Yotsugi Doll, Part ThreeManga Canon2014-12-31
62Yotsugi Doll, Part FourManga Canon2014-12-31
63Ougi Formula, Part OneManga Canon2015-10-03
64Ougi Formula, Part TwoManga Canon2015-10-03
65Sodachi Riddle, Part OneManga Canon2015-10-10
66Sodachi Riddle, Part TwoManga Canon2015-10-17
67Sodachi Lost, Part OneManga Canon2015-10-24
68Sodachi Lost, Part TwoManga Canon2015-10-31
69Sodachi Lost, Part ThreeManga Canon2015-11-07
70Shinobu Mail, Part OneManga Canon2015-11-14
71Shinobu Mail, Part TwoManga Canon2015-11-21
72Shinobu Mail, Part ThreeManga Canon2015-11-28
73Shinobu Mail, Part FourManga Canon2015-12-05
74Shinobu Mail, Part FiveManga Canon2015-12-12
75Shinobu Mail, Part SixManga Canon2015-12-19
76Koyomi StoneManga Canon2016-01-10
77Koyomi FlowerManga Canon2016-01-17
78Koyomi SandManga Canon2016-01-24
79Koyomi WaterManga Canon2016-01-31
80Koyomi WindManga Canon2016-02-07
81Koyomi TreeManga Canon2016-02-14
82Koyomi TeaManga Canon2016-02-21
83Koyomi MountainManga Canon2016-02-28
84Koyomi TorusManga Canon2016-03-06
85Koyomi SeedManga Canon2016-03-13
86Koyomi NothingManga Canon2016-03-20
87Koyomi DeadManga Canon2016-03-27
88Mayoi Hell, Part OneManga Canon2017-08-12
89Mayoi Hell, Part TwoManga Canon2017-08-12
90Hitagi Rendezvous, Part OneManga Canon2017-08-12
91Hitagi Rendezvous, Part TwoManga Canon2017-08-12
92Ougi Dark, Part OneManga Canon2017-08-13
93Ougi Dark, Part TwoManga Canon2017-08-13
94Ougi Dark, Part ThreeManga Canon2017-08-13
95Koyomi Reverse, Part OneManga Canon2019-05-18
96Koyomi Reverse, Part TwoManga Canon2019-05-25
97Koyomi Reverse, Part ThreeManga Canon2019-06-01
98Koyomi Reverse, Part FourManga Canon2019-06-08
99Koyomi Reverse, Part FiveManga Canon2019-06-15
100Koyomi Reverse, Part SixManga Canon2019-06-22

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