Monogatari Series Second Season Filler List

Monogatari Series Second Season Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1(Nekomonogatari: Shiro) Tsubasa Tiger, Part OneManga Canon2013-07-06
2Tsubasa Tiger, Part TwoManga Canon2013-07-13
3Tsubasa Tiger, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-07-20
4Tsubasa Tiger, Part FourManga Canon2013-07-27
5Tsubasa Tiger, Part FiveManga Canon2013-08-03
6(Kabukimonogatari) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part OneManga Canon2019-07-17
7Mayoi Jiangshi, Part TwoManga Canon2013-08-24
8Mayoi Jiangshi, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-08-31
9Mayoi Jiangshi, Part FourManga Canon2013-09-07
10(Otorimonogatari) Nadeko Medusa, Part OneManga Canon2013-09-21
11Nadeko Medusa, Part TwoManga Canon2013-09-28
12Nadeko Medusa, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-10-05
13Nadeko Medusa, Part FourManga Canon2013-10-12
14(Onimonogatari) Shinobu Time, Part OneManga Canon2013-10-26
15Shinobu Time, Part TwoManga Canon2013-11-02
16Shinobu Time, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-11-09
17Shinobu Time, Part FourManga Canon2013-11-16
18(Koimonogatari) Hitagi End, Part OneManga Canon2013-11-23
19Hitagi End, Part TwoManga Canon2013-11-30
20Hitagi End, Part ThreeManga Canon2013-12-07
21Hitagi End, Part FourManga Canon2013-12-14
22Hitagi End, Part FiveManga Canon2013-12-21
23Hitagi End, Part SixManga Canon2013-12-28

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