One Pace Filler List

One Pace Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1Romance Dawn – The Dawn of an AdventureManga Canon2020-12-02
2They Call Him “Straw Hat” LuffyManga Canon2020-12-02
3The Pirate King and the Master SwordsmanManga Canon2020-12-02
4The FirstManga Canon2020-12-02
5Enter NamiManga Canon2021-08-07
6TreasureManga Canon2021-08-07
7Pirate Buggy “the Clown”Manga Canon2021-08-07
8Captain UsoppManga Canon2017-12-01
9Captain KuroManga Canon2017-12-01
10The SlopeManga Canon2017-12-01
11The Silent ManManga Canon2017-12-01
12From Whom The Bell TollsManga Canon2017-10-21
13To The SeaManga Canon2017-10-21
14GaimonManga Canon2017-10-21
15Enter: SanjiManga Canon2021-11-21
16Pirate Commodore Don KriegManga Canon2021-12-20
17Zoro OverboardManga Canon
18If You Have A DreamManga Canon
19My PrideManga Canon
20The Mighty Battle SpearManga Canon
21The SoupManga Canon
22Arlong ParkManga Canon2020-04-08
23Monsters Of The Grand LineManga Canon2020-04-13
24Seacharts and FishmenManga Canon2020-04-20
25Bell-mère-sanManga Canon2020-04-27
26LiveManga Canon2020-05-07
27OK! LET’S STAND UP!!!Manga Canon2020-05-13
28Chivalry VS. Fishman KarateManga Canon2020-05-27
29My TurnManga Canon2020-06-05
30HappinessManga Canon2020-06-19
31Spin. Pinwheel. Spin.Manga Canon2020-06-30
32The Town of Beginnings and EndingsManga Canon2020-09-05
33ParallelsManga Canon2020-09-05
34The Legend Has BegunManga Canon2020-09-05
35Reverse MountainManga Canon2017-12-01
36Cape PromiseManga Canon2020-09-05
37The Town Of CelebrationManga Canon2020-09-05
38The Secret Criminal OrganizationManga Canon2017-12-01
39Adventure On Little GardenManga Canon2020-07-20
40Dorry and BrogyManga Canon2020-08-04
41Foul PlayManga Canon2020-09-20
42Luffy VS. Mr.3Manga Canon2020-09-20
43Straight Ahead!!Manga Canon2020-10-19
44Tin-Plate WapolManga Canon2020-10-21
45Adventure in a nameless countryManga Canon2020-09-20
46Drum Island 03Manga Canon
47Drum Island 04Manga Canon
48Drum Island 05Manga Canon
49Drum Island 06Manga Canon
50Drum Island 07Manga Canon
51Drum Island 08Manga Canon
52Adventure In The Kingdom of SandManga Canon2021-02-22
53Sir Crocodile, the PirateManga Canon2020-12-21
54Landfall in AlabastaManga Canon2020-09-20
55Yuba The Town Of RebelsManga Canon2021-02-22
56I Love My CountryManga Canon2021-05-10
57Rainbase, The City Of DreamsManga Canon2021-06-13
58It BeginsManga Canon2021-07-13
59Rebellion!!!Manga Canon2021-09-01
60Rush!!Manga Canon2021-11-27
61Alabasta 10Manga Canon
62Alabasta 11Manga Canon2021-11-27
63Alabasta 12Manga Canon2021-11-27
64Alabasta 13Manga Canon
65Alabasta 14Manga Canon2021-11-27
66Alabasta 15Manga Canon
67Alabasta 16Manga Canon
68Alabasta 17Manga Canon2021-11-27
69Alabasta 18Manga Canon
70Alabasta 19Manga Canon
71Alabasta 20Manga Canon
72Alabasta 21Manga Canon2021-11-27
72Why the Log Pose is Spherical?Manga Canon
74Never DreamManga Canon
75Peoples DreamsManga Canon

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