Parasyte: The Maxim Filler List

Parasyte: The Maxim Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1The MetamorphosisManga Canon2014-10-09
2Demon in the FleshManga Canon2014-10-15
3SymposiumManga Canon2014-10-22
4Disheveled HairManga Canon2014-10-29
5The StrangerManga Canon2014-11-05
6The Sun Also RisesManga Canon2014-11-12
7A Dark Night’s PassingManga Canon2014-11-20
8Freezing PointManga Canon2014-11-27
9Beyond Good and EvilManga Canon2014-11-27
10What Mad UniverseManga Canon2014-12-04
11The Blue BirdManga Canon2014-12-11
12KokoroManga Canon2014-12-25
13Hello SadnessManga Canon2015-01-08
14The Selfish GeneManga Canon2015-01-15
15Something Wicked This Way ComesManga Canon2015-01-22
16Happy FamilyManga Canon2015-01-29
17The Adventure of the Dying DetectiveManga Canon2015-02-05
18More Than HumanManga Canon2015-02-12
19In Cold BloodManga Canon2015-02-19
20Crime and PunishmentManga Canon2015-02-26
21Sex and SpiritManga Canon2015-03-05
22Repose and AwakeningManga Canon2015-03-12
23Life and VowsManga Canon2015-03-19
24Parasitic BeastsManga Canon2015-03-26

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