RWBY Filler List

RWBY Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1Ruby RoseAnime Canon2017-07-08
2The Shining BeaconAnime Canon2017-07-08
3The Shining Beacon, Pt.2Anime Canon2017-07-08
4The First StepAnime Canon2017-07-08
5The First Step, Pt. 2Anime Canon2017-07-08
6The Emerald ForestAnime Canon2017-07-15
7The Emerald Forest, Pt. 2Anime Canon2017-07-15
8Players and PiecesAnime Canon2017-07-15
9The Badge and The BurdenAnime Canon
10The Badge and The Burden, Pt. 2Anime Canon
11JaunediceAnime Canon
12Jaunedice, Pt. 2Anime Canon
13Forever FallAnime Canon
14Forever Fall, Pt. 2Anime Canon
15The StrayAnime Canon2017-07-22
16Black and WhiteAnime Canon2017-07-22
17Best Day EverAnime Canon2017-07-29
18Welcome to BeaconAnime Canon2017-07-29
19A Minor HiccupAnime Canon2017-07-29
20Painting the Town…Anime Canon2017-08-05
21ExtracurricularAnime Canon2017-08-05
22Burning the CandleAnime Canon2017-08-12
23Dance Dance InfiltrationAnime Canon2017-08-12
24Field TripAnime Canon2017-08-19
25Search and DestroyAnime Canon2017-08-19
26Mountain GlennAnime Canon2017-08-19
27No BrakesAnime Canon2017-08-26
28BreachAnime Canon2017-08-26
29Round OneAnime Canon2017-09-02
30New Challengers…Anime Canon2017-09-02
31It’s Brawl in the FamilyAnime Canon2017-09-02
32Lessons LearnedAnime Canon2017-09-09
33Never Miss a BeatAnime Canon2017-09-09
34FallAnime Canon2017-09-09
35Beginning of the EndAnime Canon2017-09-16
36DestinyAnime Canon2017-09-16
37PvPAnime Canon2017-09-23
38Battle of BeaconAnime Canon2017-09-23
39Heroes and MonstersAnime Canon2017-09-23
40End of the BeginningAnime Canon2017-09-30

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