Soul Hunter Filler List

Soul Hunter Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1An Incredible MissionManga Canon1999-07-03
2First Hunt of a SoulManga Canon1999-07-10
3An Android Called NazaManga Canon1999-07-17
4An Astonishing Secret of NazaManga Canon1999-07-24
5Lord Chi-Chan Escapes from the CapitalManga Canon1999-07-31
6A Thundering WarriorManga Canon1999-08-07
7Queen Chiang is ArrestedManga Canon1999-08-14
8Challenge of Yang-ToeManga Canon1999-08-21
9Rebel of General Fun-FazeManga Canon1999-08-28
10A Braveheart at Lintow BarrierManga Canon1999-09-04
11Dreadful WeaponsManga Canon1999-09-11
12General Fun-Faze vs Commander WenzonManga Canon1999-09-18
13Taikun meets Lord Chi-ChanManga Canon1999-09-25
14The Seiki Army Marches NorthMixed Canon/Filler1999-10-02
15The Shisei’s Fierce AttackMixed Canon/Filler1999-10-09
16The Houshined ShiseiFiller1999-10-16
17The Melody of the Chinese Fiddle Drifts in Su CastleFiller1999-10-22
18The Brothers Return to the WildernessFiller1999-10-29
19Chouka Goes Up In FlamesFiller1999-11-05
20The Yin Dynasty FallsFiller1999-11-12
21Dakki is HoushinedFiller1999-11-19
22Battle at Mount KunlunFiller1999-11-26
23Taikoubou is Cornered in Gyokukyo PalaceFiller1999-12-07
24Genshitenson Shows Taikoubou the FutureFiller1999-12-14
25Taikoubou Lowers a Fishing Hook Into the River of ReminiscenceFiller1999-12-21
26Taikoubou Shows the WayFiller1999-12-29

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