Soul Hunter Filler List

Soul Hunter Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

# Title Type Airdate
1 An Incredible Mission Manga Canon 1999-07-03
2 First Hunt of a Soul Manga Canon 1999-07-10
3 An Android Called Naza Manga Canon 1999-07-17
4 An Astonishing Secret of Naza Manga Canon 1999-07-24
5 Lord Chi-Chan Escapes from the Capital Manga Canon 1999-07-31
6 A Thundering Warrior Manga Canon 1999-08-07
7 Queen Chiang is Arrested Manga Canon 1999-08-14
8 Challenge of Yang-Toe Manga Canon 1999-08-21
9 Rebel of General Fun-Faze Manga Canon 1999-08-28
10 A Braveheart at Lintow Barrier Manga Canon 1999-09-04
11 Dreadful Weapons Manga Canon 1999-09-11
12 General Fun-Faze vs Commander Wenzon Manga Canon 1999-09-18
13 Taikun meets Lord Chi-Chan Manga Canon 1999-09-25
14 The Seiki Army Marches North Mixed Canon/Filler 1999-10-02
15 The Shisei’s Fierce Attack Mixed Canon/Filler 1999-10-09
16 The Houshined Shisei Filler 1999-10-16
17 The Melody of the Chinese Fiddle Drifts in Su Castle Filler 1999-10-22
18 The Brothers Return to the Wilderness Filler 1999-10-29
19 Chouka Goes Up In Flames Filler 1999-11-05
20 The Yin Dynasty Falls Filler 1999-11-12
21 Dakki is Houshined Filler 1999-11-19
22 Battle at Mount Kunlun Filler 1999-11-26
23 Taikoubou is Cornered in Gyokukyo Palace Filler 1999-12-07
24 Genshitenson Shows Taikoubou the Future Filler 1999-12-14
25 Taikoubou Lowers a Fishing Hook Into the River of Reminiscence Filler 1999-12-21
26 Taikoubou Shows the Way Filler 1999-12-29

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