Space Cobra Filler List

Space Cobra Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1Resurrection! The Psychogun!Manga Canon1982-10-07
2The Mysterious Zygoba!Manga Canon1982-10-14
3Archenemy! Crystal BowieManga Canon1982-10-21
4Escape!! Sid PrisonManga Canon1982-10-28
5Mystery! Who is the Fearsome Sniper?Manga Canon1982-11-04
6The Magician’s Identity!Manga Canon1982-11-11
7Jane’s Revenge!Manga Canon1982-11-18
8Fierce Battle! Cobra versus BowieManga Canon1982-11-25
9Behold!! The Snow Gorilla Pirates!Manga Canon1982-12-02
10The Tattoo’s SecretManga Canon1982-12-09
11Zados, the Sand PlanetManga Canon1982-12-16
12The Dreadful The Ultimate WeaponManga Canon1982-12-23
13The Roulette of DeathManga Canon1982-12-30
14The Great Magician, GaltanManga Canon1983-01-06
15My Dragon Crystal Friend!Manga Canon1983-01-13
16To Hell! Rug BallManga Canon1983-01-20
17The Good-For-Nothing TeamManga Canon1983-01-27
18Death Game! At 00:78 O’ClockManga Canon1983-02-03
19Will It Happen?! A Grand Slam From BehindManga Canon1983-02-10
20Death Match! The Horror of the Sand OceanManga Canon1983-02-17
21The Two Sword KingsManga Canon1983-02-24
22The Underground VisitorManga Canon1983-03-03
23The Tomb at the Bottom of the OceanManga Canon1983-03-10
24Care to Buy a RobotManga Canon1983-03-17
25Cobra Is Dead?!Manga Canon1983-03-24
26Beyond the Fires of WarManga Canon1983-03-31
27The Evil Overlord! SalamanderManga Canon1983-04-07
28Cobra’s Angry RevengeManga Canon1983-04-21
29The Man From The Arctic And Their Fiery BloodManga Canon1983-04-28
30How to Defeat SalamanderManga Canon1983-05-12
31So Long! My Cobra!Manga Canon1983-05-19

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