Urusei Yatsura (1981) Filler List

Urusei Yatsura (1981) Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1I’m Lum-Chan the Notorious! / It’s Raining Oil All Over TownManga Canon1981-10-14
2Mail from Space – Ten Arrives! / Mrs. Swallow and Mrs. PenguinManga Canon1981-10-21
3The Coming of Rei, the Handsome Shapechanger! / Die, Ladykiller!Manga Canon1981-10-28
4Kintaro of the Autumn Sky! / Live Vigorously!Manga Canon1981-11-04
5The Mysterious Seductive Beauty Sakura / Virus in DistressManga Canon1981-11-18
6Love Triangle Black Hole / Hey, Hey It’s a Little DemonManga Canon1981-11-25
7Electric Shocks Scare Me! / Voodoo Dolls of VengeanceManga Canon1981-12-02
8Neptune is Beyond the Closet / The Confusing Dinosaur AgeManga Canon1981-12-09
9Sleeping Beauty Princess Kurama / Athletics in Women’s Hell!Manga Canon1981-12-16
10Pitter-Patter Christmas EveManga Canon1981-12-23
11Ataru Genji Goes to the Heian CapitalMixed Canon/Filler1982-01-06
12Love Battle Royale / Father, You Were StrongManga Canon1982-01-13
13Hawaiian Swimsuit Thief / Full Course From HellManga Canon1982-01-20
14Mendō Arrives With Trouble! / Constellation-Go-RoundManga Canon1982-01-27
15The Great Spring War / The Benten Gang’s Return MatchManga Canon1982-02-03
16Oh Lonely Teacher! / Terrible Visiting DayMixed Canon/Filler1982-02-10
17The Fourth Dimension Camera / Demonic RunningManga Canon1982-02-24
18Girl’s Day! Introducing Ran-chan / Ran-chan’s InvitationManga Canon1982-03-03
19Diary of Sorrowful Tomorrows / Whose Kid is This?Manga Canon1982-03-10
20Sleeping in Class on a Wonderful Spring Day / Peach Blossom Poetry ContestManga Canon1982-03-17
21Duel! Ataru vs Ataru / Wake up to a NightmareManga Canon1982-03-24
22The Great Space Marriage PlanManga Canon1982-04-07
23The Spring Blossom PicnicManga Canon1982-04-14
24Beware the Earmuffs!Manga Canon1982-04-21
25Fly, Imo-Chan!Manga Canon1982-04-28
26Ten-chan’s LoveManga Canon1982-05-05
27What a Dracula!Manga Canon1982-05-12
28Lum’s Educational Therapy for Little BoysManga Canon1982-05-19
29From Speechless With LoveManga Canon1982-05-26
30The Beautiful Maiden Comes With the RainManga Canon1982-06-02
31Give Me Back My Horn!Manga Canon1982-06-09
32All Quiet at the Library!Manga Canon1982-06-16
33Teacher Hanawa’s Arrival! Such is Youth!Manga Canon1982-06-23
34Goblin in Distress – Yearning for PeopleManga Canon1982-06-30
35Darling’s Had It This Time!Manga Canon1982-07-14
36Rei’s Return! Crisis in the Classroom!Manga Canon1982-07-21
37Appearance of the Red Phantom!Manga Canon1982-07-28
38Steal Darling! The Copy Operation!!Manga Canon1982-08-04
39Pitter-Patter, Summer DateManga Canon1982-08-11
40So Long, Bye Bye, Summer DaysManga Canon1982-08-18
41Panic in a Typhoon!Manga Canon1982-09-01
42Drunken BoogieManga Canon1982-09-08
43The Terror of MeowManga Canon1982-09-22
44After You’ve GoneManga Canon1982-10-13
45Lum-chan’s Class PartyManga Canon1982-10-20
46Lunch is a Battlefield!Manga Canon1982-10-27
47Shiver! Mystery in the Odd of Fossil LandManga Canon1982-11-03
48Princess Kurama – A New Challenge!Manga Canon1982-11-10
49The Terrifying Cavity WARS!Manga Canon1982-11-17
50The Mendō Siblings!Manga Canon1982-11-24
51A Cat with a Grudge on the StairsManga Canon1982-12-01
52Can the Racoon Return the Favor!?Manga Canon1982-12-08
53Desperate Sub-Space Part Time JobMixed Canon/Filler1982-12-15
54Lum-chan’s Great Year End Celebration!Manga Canon1982-12-22
55Badboy Musashi – A Success StoryManga Canon1983-01-05
56We’ll Risk Our Lives During Classtime!Manga Canon1983-01-12
57Domestic Quarrel – To Eat or Be Eaten!?Manga Canon1983-01-26
58Steal the Kiss of Miss Snow Queen!Manga Canon1983-02-02
59St Valentine’s Day HorrorManga Canon1983-02-16
60Love Love Catchball!Manga Canon1983-02-23
61The Mendō Family… Masquerade WarManga Canon1983-03-02
62Space Cold Panic!Manga Canon1983-03-09
63Ryūnosuke Arrives! I Love the Sea!Manga Canon1983-03-16
64Goodbye SeasonManga Canon1983-03-23
65Ran-chan’s Great Date Plan!Manga Canon1983-04-13
66Happy Birthday My DarlingManga Canon1983-04-20
67Seeing Togenkyo in a Hell Camp!Manga Canon1983-04-27
68The Groom’s Name is RyūnosukeManga Canon1983-05-11
69Bottled Letter Seashore Mystery!Manga Canon1983-05-18
70Dramatic Appearance! Mizunokōji Ton-chan!!Manga Canon1983-06-01
71Shinobu’s Cinderella StoryFiller1983-06-08
72Lum-chan the Rebel Without a CauseManga Canon1983-06-15
73Big Showdown! Sakura vs. Sakuranbō!!Manga Canon1983-06-22
74Ghost Story! Old Man Willow!!Manga Canon1983-06-29
75And Then They Were None!?Filler1983-07-06
76Firefighter Mama Visits!Manga Canon1983-07-13
77Darling’s Dying!?Manga Canon1983-07-20
78Pitiful! Mother of Love and Banishment!?Filler1983-07-27
79Mendō Family – Summer ChristmasManga Canon1983-08-03
80Panic in the Haunted InnManga Canon1983-08-10
81Ah The Eyelid of MotherManga Canon1983-08-17
82Full of Sunshine – Full of AmoursManga Canon1983-08-24
83Big Clash! Ten VS AtaruManga Canon1983-09-07
84Terror! Attack of the Slimy Potatoes!!Filler1983-09-14
85Revenge of the Planetary Instructor CAO-2Mixed Canon/Filler1983-09-21
86Outraged! Piteous Kid Shūtarō!!Manga Canon1983-10-12
87Grand! The Mysterious Matsutake Pot!!Manga Canon1983-10-26
88Enraged Lum-chan!Manga Canon1983-11-02
89Lum and Ataru – A Night only for TwoManga Canon1983-11-09
90Lady Ryūnosuke!Manga Canon1983-11-23
91Document – Who Will Be Miss Tomobiki!?Mixed Canon/Filler1983-11-30
92Bizarre! The Medicine of Selflessness!!Manga Canon1983-12-07
93Shūtarō – Jinxed MorningFiller1983-12-14
94Tales of Wandering SnowmanManga Canon1983-12-21
95Lum-chan’s Ancient Japanese Fairy TalesFiller1984-01-11
96Shine! The Blessed Bra!!Manga Canon1984-01-18
97Duel! Benten VS the Three Daughters!!Manga Canon1984-01-25
98Plenty of Lum-chans!Filler1984-02-01
99Deadly! Standup Eating Wars!!Filler1984-02-08
100Great Vault! Desperate Survival!!Filler1984-02-15
101Operation: Peek in the Woman’s Bath!Filler1984-02-22
102Sakura – Melancholy of a Youth TimeManga Canon1984-02-29
103Burning Ran’s Emotional Video MailFiller1984-03-07
104Sakura-san is My Youth!Filler1984-03-14
105Scramble! Retrieve Lum!!Filler1984-03-21
106Deathmatch! Ataru vs. the Mendō Brigade!!Filler1984-03-28
107Dimensional Switch, Where’s Darling!?Filler1984-04-11
108Clash!! Her Ladyship and the Football of LoveManga Canon1984-04-18
109Ran-chan, Tasting the Tearful Love of a First KissManga Canon1984-05-02
110Un-re-mov-ab-le Rouge MagicManga Canon1984-05-09
111Deadly Combat!! The Mendō Family Flower Display Death MatchManga Canon1984-05-16
112Benten & Ryūnosuke – Run Toward Tomorrow!Filler1984-05-23
113Great Horrors! Oyuki is Finally Angered!Manga Canon1984-05-30
114Ten-chan’s Strange Love StoryManga Canon1984-06-06
115Haunted Special! Search for Mendō Mansion’s Treasure!Manga Canon1984-06-13
116Love and War! Battle of Glove VS Pants!!Mixed Canon/Filler1984-06-20
117Lum-chan’s Becoming a Cow?Manga Canon1984-06-27
118Great Achievement! This is Lum-chan’s Youth FilmFiller1984-07-11
119Scaring Ghosts! The Beautiful Sakura’s Exorcism!!Manga Canon1984-07-18
120Counterattack of the Protozoa! Panic at the PoolsideMixed Canon/Filler1984-07-25
121Here Again! Hunter of Love Princess KuramaManga Canon1984-08-01
122The Fox’s Hard Feelings of Painful LoveManga Canon1984-08-15
123 Ryūnosuke Stunned! Solid Rock Mother Cherishes Her Young Pebble!!Manga Canon1984-08-22
124Ghost Story! Footsteps of the Girl’s Dormitory!!Manga Canon1984-08-29
125Pool Spooks! Burning into Forbidden Love!!Manga Canon1984-09-12
126Ran-chan’s Panic: There is No Tomorrow for Tomobiki TownFiller1984-09-19
127Where is Love’s Room? Kuriko and ChojuroManga Canon1984-09-26
128Man or Bird? Luxurious Ally of Justice!Manga Canon1984-10-17
129Attack Your Seniors! Revenge of the Infamous Three DaughtersManga Canon1984-10-24
130Blazing Hidden Trick! This Straight Line RoadManga Canon1984-10-31
131Don’t Die! Ryōko’s Special Straw Doll!!Manga Canon1984-11-07
132Matchmaking Hell! Is the Armored Daughter a Beauty? Beast?Manga Canon1984-11-14
133Love of the Armored Daughter! Maiden Heart is Shaky WobblingManga Canon1984-11-21
134I Dearly Want to Meet You! Return of the Pure Fox!!Manga Canon1984-11-28
135How I Hate Talking Flowers!Manga Canon1984-12-05
136The Birth of Ten-chan’s Son? I Know Nothing!Manga Canon1984-12-12
137Lum’s Courageous Duel! Victory by Cheap MeansManga Canon1984-12-19
138Big Aspiration for an Employment! Return of Fugitive Ninja Kaede!!Filler1985-01-09
139Tomobiki High School Survival! Who Are the Survivors!!Mixed Canon/Filler1985-01-16
140The Mysterious Giant Cake! Love Escape Panic!!Manga Canon1985-01-23
141Reincarnation of Hell! What’s Darling Thinking!?Mixed Canon/Filler1985-01-30
142Theatrical Panic! The Mendō Family Flower Viewing Banquet!!Manga Canon1985-02-06
143Far Spring! The Tale of the Lonely Fairy!!Filler1985-02-13
144To Dreamland! Darling Battle Royale AbductionManga Canon1985-02-20
145Three Daughters Again! The Great Darling Seduction Scheme!!Manga Canon1985-02-27
146The Scampering Kotatsu-Neko! Anything to Get WarmMixed Canon/Filler1985-03-06
147Ryūnosuke’s Father’s Comes Clean! My Wife is in Vestiges!!Manga Canon1985-03-13
148Spring in Full Bloom!? Frozen by Oyuki’s Cold!!Manga Canon1985-03-20
149Friendship Panic! I Love BlowfishManga Canon1985-03-27
150The Armored Girl Returns! Plenty of Older BrothersManga Canon1985-04-03
151Boredom Syndrome! Is Tomobiki Town Wasting Away!?Mixed Canon/Filler1985-04-10
152Ran in Peril! Kotatsu Neko’s First Love Oden!?Manga Canon1985-04-17
153The Armored Girl Appears Again! A Storm Raising DateManga Canon1985-04-24
154A Mysterious Priest Appears! Bell Bashing Battle RoyalManga Canon1985-05-01
155First Love Again!? A Return to the Past for Lum and Rei!!Manga Canon1985-05-08
156Youthful Old Man Appears! Shine, Great Coffee House of Dreams!!Manga Canon1985-05-15
157I Love Darling’s Kindness…Manga Canon1985-05-22
158The Pure Fox Again! I Love ShinobuManga Canon1985-05-29
159I Love the Sea~! The Longed-Cherished Hamachaya’s Prosperity Record!?Mixed Canon/Filler1985-06-05
160Ryūnosuke VS Benten! The Fruitless Charm DuelManga Canon1985-06-12
161Small Magic Bottle! What’s to Become of Me?Manga Canon1985-06-19
162Daimajin Appears! Lum’s Dangerous Purchase!?Mixed Canon/Filler1985-06-26
163Goodness! Words Aren’t Getting to DarlingManga Canon1985-07-03
164Devil’s Summer! Ten-chan’s Great Unaju Operation!!Manga Canon1985-07-10
165Visitation Panic!? I Didn’t Mean Any HarmManga Canon1985-07-17
166Scary!! There is an Octopus on Shūtarō’s Head!?Manga Canon1985-07-24
167Invader From Space! Lum’s Lips in Peril!!Manga Canon1985-07-31

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