Vampire Knight Filler List

Vampire Knight Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1Night of VampiresManga Canon2008-04-07
2Memories of BloodManga Canon2008-04-14
3The Fang of RepentanceManga Canon2008-04-21
4Trigger of CondemnationManga Canon2008-04-27
5Moonlight FestivitiesManga Canon2008-05-05
6Their ChoicesManga Canon2008-05-12
7The Scarlet MazeManga Canon2008-05-19
8Gunshot of SorrowManga Canon2008-05-26
9Crimson GazeManga Canon2008-06-02
10The Princess of DarknessManga Canon2008-06-09
11The Consequence of DesireManga Canon2008-06-16
12Vow of the PurebloodManga Canon2008-06-23
13Crimson ChainsManga Canon2008-06-30
14Burden of Sinners ~Guilty~Manga Canon2008-10-06
15The Eternal Promise ~Paradox~Manga Canon2008-10-13
16The Azure PortraitManga Canon2008-10-20
17Devil’s AwakeningManga Canon2008-10-27
18The Subordinate’s TrapManga Canon2008-11-03
19The Fake LoversManga Canon2008-10-10
20The Kiss of ThornsManga Canon2008-11-17
21Spiraling RecollectionsManga Canon2008-11-24
22Revival of the Mad EmperorManga Canon2008-12-01
23Prelude to the BattleManga Canon2008-12-08
24Two SoulsManga Canon2008-12-15
25World’s EndManga Canon2008-12-22
26Vampire’s KnightManga Canon2008-12-29

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