Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Filler List

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Filler List contains all Filler episodes and Canon episodes. All episodes of this anime show can be found in the below table. As soon as a new episode is announced, we update it here in the table.

1The Next King of GamesManga Canon2004-10-06
2Welcome to Duel AcademyManga Canon2004-10-10
3A Duel in LoveManga Canon2005-10-20
4Making The GradeManga Canon2004-10-27
5The Shadow Duelist, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2004-11-03
6The Shadow Duelist, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2004-11-10
7Duel and Unusual PunishmentManga Canon2004-11-17
8For the Sake of SyrusManga Canon2004-11-24
9Family BusinessFiller2004-12-01
10Tag Team Trial, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2004-12-07
11Tag Team Trial, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2004-12-14
12Formula for SuccessManga Canon2004-12-22
13Monkey See, Monkey DuelFiller2004-12-29
14A Spirit SummonedFiller2004-01-05
15Courting AlexisFiller2005-01-12
16The Duel GiantFiller2005-01-19
17Nature of the DrawFiller2005-01-26
18The King of the Copycats, Part 1Filler2005-02-02
19The King of the Copycats, Part 2Filler2005-02-09
20The Maiden in LoveFiller2005-02-16
21The Duel Off, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2005-02-23
22The Duel Off, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2005-03-02
23The Little BelowskiFiller2005-03-09
24The New ChazzManga Canon2005-03-09
25The School Duel, Part 1Manga Canon2005-03-23
26The School Duel, Part 2Manga Canon2005-03-23
27Grave Risk, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2005-04-06
28Grave Risk, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2005-04-13
29Doomsday Duel, Part 1Manga Canon2005-04-20
30Doomsday Duel, Part 2Manga Canon2005-04-27
31Field of Screams, Part 1Manga Canon2005-05-04
32Field of Screams, Part 2Manga Canon2005-05-11
33Field of Screams, Part 3Manga Canon2005-05-18
34Fear FactorFiller2005-05-25
35Sibling RivalryFiller2005-06-01
36Duel Distractions, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2005-06-08
37Duel Distractions, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2005-06-15
38Get Yarr Game On!Filler2005-06-22
39The Dark ScorpionsMixed Canon/Filler2005-06-29
40A Lying LegendMixed Canon/Filler2005-07-06
41A Reason to WinMixed Canon/Filler2005-07-13
42Duel Monsters Spirit DayFiller2005-07-20
43Hearts are WildMixed Canon/Filler2005-07-20
44The Seventh Shadow RiderManga Canon2005-08-03
45Amnael’s Endgame, Part 1Manga Canon2005-08-10
46Amnael’s Endgame, Part 2Manga Canon2005-08-17
48Rise of the Sacred Beasts, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2005-08-31
49Rise of the Sacred Beasts, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2005-09-07
50Magna Chum LaudeMixed Canon/Filler2005-09-14
51The Graduation Match, Part 1Manga Canon2005-09-21
52The Graduation Match, Part 2Manga Canon2005-09-21
53Back to DuelManga Canon2005-10-05
54Champion or Chazz-beenFiller2005-10-12
55A Hassleberry HoundingManga Canon2005-10-19
56Sad but TruesdaleManga Canon2005-10-26
57The DemonManga Canon2005-11-02
58A New Breed of Hero, Part 1Manga Canon2005-11-09
59A New Breed of Hero, Part 2Manga Canon2005-11-16
60Pop Goes the DuelFiller2005-11-23
61I’ve Seen the LightMixed Canon/Filler2005-11-30
62A Greater PorpoiseMixed Canon/Filler2005-12-07
63Curry WorriesFiller2005-12-13
64Camaraderie ContestFiller2005-12-21
65No Pain, No GameManga Canon2005-12-28
66Going BananasFiller2006-01-10
67Homecoming Duel, Part 1Manga Canon2006-01-11
68Homecoming Duel, Part 2Manga Canon2006-01-18
69Dormitory DemolitionManga Canon2006-01-25
70Obelisk White?Mixed Canon/Filler2006-02-01
72Not Playing with a Full DeckFiller2006-02-15
73Source of StrengthMixed Canon/Filler2006-02-22
74Happily Never AfterFiller2006-03-01
75Taken by Storm, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2006-03-08
76Taken by Storm, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2006-03-15
77J-Dawg and T-BoneMixed Canon/Filler2006-03-22
78Mirror Mirror, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2006-03-29
79Mirror Mirror, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2006-04-05
80What a Doll!Filler2006-04-12
81Let’s Make a Duel!Filler2006-04-19
82Magnetic PersonalityMixed Canon/Filler2006-04-26
83Schooling the MasterManga Canon2006-05-03
84Generation NextManga Canon2006-05-10
85Rah, Rah, Rah!Filler2006-05-17
86The Art of the DuelFiller2006-05-24
87Blinded by the Light, Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2006-05-31
88Blinded by the Light, Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2006-06-07
89The Darkness WithinMixed Canon/Filler2006-06-14
91Don’t Fear the ReaperFiller2006-06-28
92Duel For HireFiller2006-07-05
93Heart of Ice, Part 1Manga Canon2006-07-12
94Heart of Ice, Part 2Manga Canon2006-07-19
95Tough LoveManga Canon2006-07-26
96It’s All RelativeMixed Canon/Filler2006-08-02
97The Dark LightManga Canon2006-08-09
98Ultimate DestinyManga Canon2006-08-16
99The Key FactorMixed Canon/Filler2006-08-23
100The Phoenix Has Arrived, Part 1Manga Canon2006-08-30
101The Phoenix Has Arrived, Part 2Manga Canon2006-09-06
102The Hands of Justice, Part 1Manga Canon2006-09-13
103The Hands of Justice, Part 2Manga Canon2006-09-20
104Future ChangesManga Canon2006-09-27
105Third Time’s a CharmFiller2006-10-04
106A Jewel of A Duel: Part 1Manga Canon2006-10-11
107A Jewel of A Duel: Part 2Manga Canon2006-10-18
108Hanging with Axel, Part 1Manga Canon2006-11-01
109Hanging with Axel, Part 2Manga Canon2006-11-08
110Primal InstinctManga Canon2006-11-15
111Head in the Clouds, Part 1Manga Canon2006-11-22
112Head in the Clouds, Part 2Manga Canon2006-11-29
113Win Mr. Stein’s Duel, Part 1Manga Canon2006-12-06
114Win Mr. Stein’s Duel, Part 2Manga Canon2006-12-13
115Trapper Keeper, Part 1Manga Canon2006-12-20
116Trapper Keeper, Part 2Manga Canon2006-12-27
117A Snake in the Grass, Part 1Manga Canon2007-01-03
118A Snake in the Grass, Part 2Manga Canon2007-01-10
119A Snake in the Grass, Part 3Manga Canon2007-01-17
120Inter-Dimension DetentionManga Canon2007-01-24
121Sub-Desert DuelManga Canon2007-01-31
122The Night of the Living DuelistsManga Canon2007-02-07
123School Ghoul DuelsManga Canon2007-02-14
124Triple Play, Part 1Manga Canon2007-02-21
125Triple Play, Part 2Manga Canon2007-02-28
126Return of the Sacred BeastsManga Canon2007-03-07
127Breaking of the Sacred SealManga Canon2007-03-14
128A Dimensional DuelManga Canon2007-03-21
129Unleash the Dragon, Part 1Manga Canon2007-03-28
130Unleash the Dragon, Part 2Manga Canon2007-04-04
131All For OneManga Canon2007-04-11
132A New World OrderManga Canon2007-04-08
133Friend or FiendManga Canon2007-04-25
134Dueling With The Dark ArmyManga Canon2007-05-04
135Turning The Page, Part 1Manga Canon2007-05-09
136Turning The Page, Part 2Manga Canon2007-05-16
137The State of SyrusManga Canon2007-05-23
138The Darkness is RevealedManga Canon2007-05-30
139A Sight Unseen, Part 1Manga Canon2007-06-06
140A Sight Unseen, Part 2Manga Canon2007-06-13
141What Lies Beneath, Part 1Manga Canon2007-06-20
142What Lies Beneath, Part 2Manga Canon2007-06-27
143What Lies Beneath, Part 3Manga Canon2007-07-04
144The Forbidden Ritual, Part 1Manga Canon2007-06-11
145The Forbidden Ritual, Part 2Manga Canon2007-07-18
146Conquering the Past, Part 1Manga Canon2007-07-25
147Conquering the Past, Part 2Manga Canon2007-08-08
148Conquering the Past, Part 3Manga Canon2007-08-15
149The Ultimate Face-Off, Part 1Manga Canon2007-08-22
150The Ultimate Face-Off, Part 2Manga Canon2007-08-29
151The Power Within, Part 1Manga Canon2007-09-05
152The Power Within, Part 2Manga Canon2007-09-12
153Return of the Supreme King, Part 1Manga Canon2007-09-19
154Return of the Supreme King, Part 2Manga Canon2007-09-26
155Return of the Supreme King, Part 3Manga Canon2007-10-03
156Judai Revived!? A Brand New JourneyFiller2007-10-10
157The Approaching Threat! A Mysterious VisitorManga Canon2007-10-12
158Goodbye, Duel Academia! The Road Judai ChoosesManga Canon2007-10-24
159The Truth About Darkness! Judai Versus FubukiManga Canon2007-10-31
160Fusing Souls! Neos VS F-G-DManga Canon2007-11-07
161Shall We Duel? Invitation to a Pair DuelFiller2007-11-14
162Judai vs. Asuka! Face-Down Card of Hidden EmotionsFiller2007-11-21
163Challenge from Psycho ShockerFiller2007-11-28
164The Inherited Cyber Dark DragonFiller2007-12-05
165Aim for it Manjoume! Path to a Pro Duelist!Filler2007-12-12
166Armed Dragon vs. Dragoon D EndFiller2007-12-19
167Gratitude Duel! Chronos vs. The Original Dropout BoyFiller2007-12-26
168Opening of Graduation Duel! Neos vs. Black Flame Dragon of HorusManga Canon2008-01-04
169Price of Decision! O’Brien Flame of DarknessManga Canon2008-01-09
170Saiou, Again! Activate “Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny”!!Manga Canon2008-01-16
171End of Destiny! Magma Neos vs. Dark RulerManga Canon2008-01-25
172Duel Academia Crisis! The Gem Beasts Blocking the WayManga Canon2008-01-30
173Invasion of Darkness! The Stolen MemoriesManga Canon2008-02-06
174Activate, Clear World! Ferocious Negative EffectManga Canon2008-02-13
175Battle Royale! Judai vs. Johan vs. FujiwaraManga Canon2008-02-20
176Rainbow Neos, Protector of Bonds vs. Clear Vicious KnightManga Canon2008-02-27
177Combo of Terror! “Zero and Infinity”Manga Canon2008-03-05
178Final Hope! Yuki JudaiManga Canon2008-03-12
179Good-Bye Judai! Tearful Graduation CeremonyManga Canon2008-03-19
180The True Graduation Duel! Judai vs. Legendary DuelistManga Canon2008-03-26

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